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The mission of BNW is to foster safe, vibrant, sustainable neighborhoods for our residents. Together we will work to preserve the historic beauty of the beachside while blending it with appropriate new development sensitive to the health of our neighborhoods and the natural beauty of our environment. BNW may take a position on an issue but, as a non-profit, cannot endorse any political candidate.

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Beachside Neighborhood Watch is a non-profit corporation with a goal to improve safety and quality of life in the Daytona beachside neighborhoods by supporting law enforcement and providing a voice for our residents. You are invited to join us as we work to achieve these goals. Please attend our meetings the first Thursday of every month.

Your financial contributions are appreciated. Please send checks made out to:

   Beachside Neighborhood Watch
P.O. Box 263201
Daytona Beach FL 32126

BNW is classified by the IRS as a 501c3 so your generous contributions are fully tax-deductable.









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January 2020 Meeting

March 2020 Meeting

February 2020 Meeting
2020-02-23-Board-Meeting-Minutes.pdf (revised 2020-02-28)

October 2019 Meeting

September 2019 Meeting
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Board Members Job Descriptions.pdf
General Meeting 2019-09-05.pdf

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COVID-19 Computer Security Advice from c|net 19 March 2020

Wash your hands of course. . . . but also update your software!

The National Cyber Security Alliance urges internet users to use caution when visiting websites or downloading apps related to COVID-19. You should always be wary of unsolicited emails that ask for your personal information, and only get apps from the Google Play store if you're an Android user. The Identity Theft Resource Center and the FTC also have resources for avoiding scams that prey on coronavirus fears.

You can also help prevent malware from damaging your devices by keeping your software updated at all times. That helps patch up known vulnerabilities that hackers often try to exploit.

Eva Velazquez, president and CEO of the Identity Theft Resource Center, said the impact of all these hacks will hit hardest down the road. Most of the time, people who fall victim to scams don't realize they've handed their personal information over to criminals until after the data has been abused. And the consequences could reverberate for a long time, she said.

Normally, when scammers use disasters like hurricanes or fires to trick people, there's only a small number of potential victims. The coronavirus crisis is hitting the whole world, and the number of people seeking help and information is huge.

"They're going to come out in droves," Velazquez said of scammers, "because they see an opportunity."






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